Zirconium Crowns

Zirconium crowns, are a widely used dentistry application. This material has a natural appearance and can transmit light in a way similar to tooth enamel. For all these reasons and its success in terms of durability, it is a preferred material.

Zirconium crowns may be an ideal option for procedures with high aesthetic expectations, especially on the front teeth. It is one of the most preferred applications today because it has many advantages. Veneers made with this material have a natural appearance. It is biocompatible, and thanks to its durability, it can also be used on back teeth.

What is Zirconium Coating?

This type of coating, also known as

Zirconia tooth, is a type of restoration used for aesthetic and functional treatments in dentistry. These coatings are made of high-strength zirconium dioxide ceramic material. The features of these coatings can be listed as follows;

Aesthetic Compatibility: Zirconium has a light reflecting feature similar to natural tooth structure. This ensures that the tooth has a natural appearance.

No Metal: Since zirconium does not contain metal, it does not create a gray or black gum line. Allergy etc. It is safe for all situations.

Durability: Zirconium is a very hard material. It lasts for a long time, especially in areas subject to high chewing force, such as the back teeth.

Biocompatibility: Zirconium is compatible with body tissues. This means it is safe for gums and oral tissues.

Thermal Conductivity: Zirconium has a low heat conduction capacity. It can reduce the risk of sensitivity caused by hot and cold foods and drinks.

Care practices required for natural teeth are also valid for zirconium dental coatings. Zirconium application can be used for many situations. For zirconium coatings, teeth are measured, the coating is prepared in a special laboratory, and then it is bonded to the tooth. This process usually requires several visits. The duration and cost of the procedure also vary depending on these reasons.

Zirkonyum Kaplama

How Long is the Life of Zirconium Dental Crowns?

The durability of dental coatings varies depending on many reasons. These include many factors, from the person’s usage habits to the dentist’s application success. Zirconium coating life is approximately 10-15 years when ideal conditions are provided. Some general factors that determine the lifespan of dental veneers can be listed as follows;

  • Dental care habits,
  • Dentist’s experience,
  • The current health of the tooth,
  • Eating habits.

Details such as using dental floss regularly and brushing teeth regularly and correctly are of great importance, especially for people with crown teeth. Healthy gums and the condition of the veneered tooth are also determining factors for the life of zirconium. Because in cases such as gingivitis, it is inevitable that the crowns will be damaged along with other teeth. Decay etc. in the tooth under the crown. This will also shorten the lifespan of the coatings.

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