Invisalign is a type of clear aligner system used for teeth straightening treatment. Unlike traditional braces or brackets, invisalign aligners consist of clear, removable plastic aligners. These aligners are individually designed to allow teeth to be straightened gradually.

Invisalign is often preferred because they are less noticeable from the outside and can be removed and worn. The treatment covers problems such as closing gaps between teeth, correcting crowding, and ensuring harmony between teeth. The duration of treatment depends on the current condition of the person’s teeth and the problems that need to be corrected.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign, also known as transparent dental aligners because it is difficult to recognize, is an orthodontic treatment method. In this orthodontic treatment method, specially produced aligners or aligners are used. The English word “Align” means to align. The main goal of clear aligner orthodontic treatment is to align the teeth and align the teeth in an aesthetic way. Transparent aligners are used to solve problems that occur in a certain frame of the teeth. The aim of this treatment is that there are no images such as wires, brackets, etc. in the mouth as in traditional methods, but the teeth can still be corrected.

Transparent aligner treatment is also known by most people as orthodontic treatment without braces. Today, thanks to computer-aided technologies, the treatment range of aligners and aligners is expanding. Some patients with crooked, sparse, crowded teeth or other dental problems may not want their braces to be visible during orthodontic treatment. In the Invisalign clear aligner treatment method, the aligners are almost invisible because brackets and metal wires are not used.

Thus, routine dental cleaning such as brushing and flossing is much easier than braces. These aligners provide great comfort to the patient as they can be easily removed and inserted when necessary in daily life. However, it should not be forgotten that the daily use of dental aligners should not be less than 20 hours.

The following steps for clear aligner cleaning will also positively affect the treatment process:

  • Clear aligners should be removed at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, after brushing your teeth.
  • After removing the plaque, it is necessary to rinse it with warm water and remove food residues and saliva.
  • Gently brush the plaque with a soft toothbrush and a mild soap or toothpaste.
  • After cleaning the plaque, it should be rinsed again with warm water and ventilated in a dry place.
  • Avoid acidic or colored foods and drinks when removing plaque.
  • The transparent dental plaque should be checked regularly to see if there is any damage or breakage.

Invisalign Treatment

The treatment process varies depending on the current condition of the patient’s teeth and the problems that need to be corrected. First, the patient is examined and it is determined whether they are suitable for treatment. During the invisalign treatment process, the dentist or orthodontist creates a 3D model of the patient’s teeth with digital scanning technology. These teeth are digitally moved and corrected in the computer environment and the teeth are obtained at the end of the treatment. This model shows in advance how the treatment process will progress and result. Then, transparent aligner series are created and invisalign aligners are produced with 3D printers.

The clear aligners used for dental plaque treatment are designed specifically for the individual’s teeth. Each aligner is used for a set period of time and then replaced with a new aligner. These aligners are specially shaped to place the teeth in the targeted position. The designed aligners create a set amount of movement in the teeth. Since each new aligner provides this movement, special forces are applied on the teeth during the aligner change. In this way, it is ensured that the teeth move and straighten each time.


Since transparent dental aligners are a product that can be worn and removed, the patient should use the aligners for an average of 20 to 22 hours a day in order to get efficiency from the aligner treatment process. When an aligner expires (this can vary from 1 week to 10 days depending on the physician’s decision), the aligners containing the next stage are inserted and the teeth are gradually straightened more and more. The aligners are used as needed until the teeth are completely straightened. The treatment process may vary depending on the individual’s crooked teeth and the mobility provided.

It is important to have regular check-ups by the dentist throughout the clear aligner treatment. The dentist monitors the progress of the treatment and adjusts the treatment plan if necessary. The aligners also need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. As mentioned above, the cleaning of the aligners should be done hygienically and without damaging the teeth. Invisalign treatment is preferred by many people because it is less noticeable in terms of appearance and removable. In order to achieve successful results, the treatment process should be attended regularly.

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