Health Tourism

Health tourism is the process of individuals traveling outside their home country to receive treatment, medical intervention, health services, or wellness and spa services related to health. It makes significant contributions to the economy of many countries worldwide and increases competition in the international health services sector.

Health tourism, factors that patients consider when choosing the most suitable destination for treatment include the cost of treatment, quality of service, expertise of doctors and hospitals, ease of transportation, and visa procedures.

Health tourism is quite popular in Turkey. Among the most important reasons for this are international differences in treatment costs, quality of treatment, and travel and communication facilities.

Services Offered in Health Tourism

Airport Transfer

Our clinic, located in a very central location in Ankara, also offers convenience regarding airport transportation. Transfer services are shaped according to the demands of our patients. The most suitable response to our patients’ requests to benefit from transportation services is given according to the budget that emerges after the treatment planning.


Accommodation is another important title of budget planning. By offering the most suitable accommodation options according to our patients’ requests, we aim to ensure that our patients go through this process in the most comfortable way.

City Travel

Ankara, in addition to being the capital, offers many options in terms of historical and natural beauties. Providing information and support in your plans on this subject is among our priorities to make the process enjoyable.

Treatment Process

With the communication established from your country, after determining the information and needs related to your health condition, planning is done according to your approval. If you approve the budget that arises according to the determined treatment planning, a calendar is set for the face-to-face treatment process.

Health Tourism Authorized Organization Certificate

About the Process

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You can contact us on our website or social media accounts to consult us about your dental and gum problems and get the answers you are looking for.


Ankara is home to thousands of years of history and many museums and buildings from the Republican era. You can easily travel to neighboring provinces by high speed train.

Get Offer

You can contact us for consultation and information about your needs and problems and get an offer for your necessary treatments.

Treatment Process

Your treatment process is shaped in line with the appropriate dates and applications to be made. You can plan the process by talking to your doctor.

After Treatment Process

In the post-treatment process, you can get support for your questions during your recovery process by staying in contact with our specialist physicians.

Which treatments are available in our clinic?
Sağlık Turizmi

Aesthetic and balanced appearance is aimed with this application, which affects people’s smiles and thus their quality of life. In addition, digital smile design, also known as Hollywood smile, which is applied in our clinic, offers an approach based on advanced technology compared to traditional methods.

Sağlık Turizmi

This method is the replacement of all missing teeth in the mouth with a fixed prosthesis using only four implants. With this treatment, which is usually applied to people who are toothless or who have lost most of their teeth, people can get their new teeth in a few sessions.

Sağlık Turizmi

With our E-max, zirconium and porcelain veneer services, we decide together with our patients on the most suitable options for teeth that need to be restored for various reasons.

Sağlık Turizmi

Implant is the process of surgically placing an artificial tooth root in the jaw in cases of tooth deficiency. Depending on the number of missing teeth, a personalized treatment plan is made.


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We have compiled and carefully answered frequently asked questions for you. You can always contact us for consultation and further information.

The implant treatment process is planned by the dentist during the initial examination. However, the time it takes for the implant to integrate with the bone varies from person to person. This integration period can range from 1 to 6 months, where the individual’s constitution (health values, age, bone quality, etc.) plays a significant role. Consultation with a dentist is required for precise duration information.

Implant treatment involves placing titanium screws into the jawbone to replace missing teeth and mounting artificial teeth (crowns, bridges, or prostheses) on them. Initially, the implant is surgically placed into the jawbone. After the healing process, a connecting piece (abutment) and finally the artificial tooth are placed on the implant. This process aims to restore the function and aesthetics of missing teeth.

Zirconium coating is a type of dental prosthesis applied over teeth, known for its high durability and natural tooth appearance. Zirconium, a white material used instead of metal infrastructure, provides a more aesthetic appearance. It also resembles natural teeth closely due to its thermal conductivity and has a lower risk of allergic reactions. Zirconium coatings are a preferred, long-lasting, and aesthetic restorative dental treatment option, especially for front teeth.

Prosthetic dental treatment involves designing and applying artificial teeth (crowns, bridges, full or partial dentures) to repair or replace missing or damaged teeth. This treatment aims to improve the function, comfort, and aesthetics of the teeth, enabling the person to perform daily activities such as eating, speaking, and smiling more comfortably.

The All on Four dental application is an implant treatment method developed for patients with complete tooth loss. In this method, four implants are used to support all missing teeth in either the upper or lower jaw. The implants are placed at strategic points in the jaw and are topped with a fixed prosthesis (a complete set of teeth). The All on Four application is a popular option due to its durability and the natural tooth feeling it provides.

Smile design is an application aimed at improving the aesthetic appearance of the teeth according to the person’s facial structure, skin tone, and the color and shape of their teeth. The procedures are developed specifically for the individual. With both an aesthetic and functional approach, it can positively affect a person’s self-confidence and social interactions.

Pink aesthetics refers to dental practices aimed at improving the shape, color, and position of the gums. This treatment addresses issues such as gum recession, uneven gum levels, and unwanted changes in gum color. Pink aesthetics, an important part of smile design, involves making aesthetic adjustments to the gums to achieve a healthier and more aesthetic smile.


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