Smile Design Applications

Smile design applications refer to various methods used in dentistry and aesthetic dental fields. These applications aim to bring patients’ smiles to an aesthetic and balanced appearance. The applications include correction of the color, size, shape, arrangement and general appearance of the teeth.

Smile design applications not only provide an aesthetic improvement, but also increase self-confidence and improve quality of life. In the first step of the application, the patient’s current smile is analyzed. This application can be easily performed in dental clinics located in metropolitan cities such as Ankara.

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Ankara Smile Design Applications

A smile has a profound effect on people. A beautiful smile is not only aesthetically pleasing but also positively affects the social relations of the person. There are many dentists specializing in smile design for people living in Ankara. These specialists offer various applications to optimize people’s teeth in terms of aesthetics and health. Smile design applications in the capital Ankara offer personalized treatment plans according to the needs and wishes of the patients.

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How is smile design done? The smile design process may vary according to the needs and wishes of the patient. However, in general, a personalized approach is taken to meet the patient’s aesthetic and functional goals. The dentist evaluates the patient’s existing dentition, gums, jaw structure and facial structure. A detailed analysis of the patient’s mouth is performed using photographs from various angles and digital imaging technologies. These images play an important role in creating and presenting the treatment plan to the patient. The plan may include various procedures such as tooth reshaping, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants, etc.

It is possible to evaluate smile design applications in two different ways; digital smile design and traditional methods. Digital smile design, also known as Hollywood smile, offers an approach based on advanced technology compared to traditional methods. It makes the treatment process more predictable, precise and patient-oriented. This method can help patients achieve better results and experience the treatment process in a more comfortable way.

Digital smile design is applied by taking into account many variables such as the patient’s gender, facial expressions, facial shape and other features. The teeth of people who want to have an aesthetic dental appearance are evaluated by the dentist. During this evaluation, various factors such as the color, size, shape and condition of the gums are taken into consideration. For digital smile design, the patient’s expectations and wishes must first be understood correctly.

Smile aesthetic applications that are more traditional than digital smile design are as follows:

It is a safe and effective method to remove stains and discoloration from teeth. This method allows patients to achieve a brighter and more aesthetic smile while returning their teeth to their natural whiteness.

Porcelain veneers and laminates are bonded to the front surfaces of the teeth, providing an aesthetic appearance. Dentists use this method to hide cavities in patients’ teeth, fix broken or crooked teeth, and improve the color of teeth.

Dental aesthetics aims to improve the shape, size and arrangement of the teeth. In this method, patients’ teeth are reshaped, contoured and even include methods such as gum aesthetics.

Dental implants are a commonly used treatment method to replace missing teeth and compensate for the functional and aesthetic loss of missing teeth. This procedure consists of prosthetic teeth fixed on titanium screw-like structures placed in the jawbone.

LibreDent, located in Ankara, is supported by experienced specialists in the field to meet the aesthetic and health expectations of patients. Each of these treatments improves patients’ quality of life by providing them with a more confident, healthy and aesthetic smile. You can contact us immediately to discover the freedom of a smile at LibreDent Private Oral and Dental Clinic.

Gülüş Tasarımı Uygulamaları

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