All On Four

All on Four is a fast and effective implant method applied to eliminate situations that require surgical intervention. This method helps the patient regain their previous dental structure while providing a more natural appearance and function.

All on Four implant method, all missing teeth in the mouth are replaced with a fixed prosthesis using only four implants. This method is generally applied to individuals who are toothless or have lost most of their teeth, allowing patients to obtain new teeth in a few sessions. The prosthetic teeth closely resemble real teeth, enabling patients to achieve a natural smile.


What is All on Four Implant?

Tooth loss negatively affects many daily practices such as speech, eating, and drinking. Over time, tooth loss can lead to jawbone resorption and various health issues in the gums. Therefore, complete tooth loss can cause both functional and aesthetic problems. Innovative methods such as the All on Four technique offer a solution to this issue.

Also known as “All on 4,” this technique is an application that can yield results on the same day for individuals with either no or very few teeth.

How is All on Four Implant Done?

As in any dental operation, the initial examination by the dentist is crucial in the first stage. After clinical and radiological examinations, measurements such as bone structure and jaw structure are taken, and treatment is carried out. Since every patient’s needs are different, it must be determined whether the person is suitable for treatment based on the evaluation by the dentist.

In this implant technique applicable to fully edentulous patients, if there are any remaining teeth, they are extracted with local anesthesia. Then, implants are placed into the patient’s jawbone, and usually 4-6 implants are sufficient. After placing the implants, measurements are taken for the fixed prosthesis.

Temporary prostheses are attached according to the measurements. Thus, the patient does not have to be without teeth for a long time. After the required time for the implants to fuse with the bone, temporary implants are removed, and permanent implants are placed. This period may vary from person to person and can take a few months. Adhering to the nutritional recommendations determined by the dentist during this period will affect the healing process.

Who is eligible for the All on Four Implant technique?

The All on 4 implant technique is a treatment method that can be applied to any healthy individual aged 18 and above, as bone development is crucial, just like in traditional implants. It is suitable for fully edentulous or individuals with few remaining teeth. However, it is not suitable for individuals with health problems such as bone diseases, cancer, or diabetes. For the most reliable information, consultation with a specialist dentist is necessary. The success of the treatment depends on the correct application by an expert dentist.

All On Four

All on Four Implant Technique Prices

The most important factors determining the cost of the procedure are the individual’s oral and jaw health and the quality of the materials used. Therefore, the price of the All on Four implant varies from person to person and depending on the quality of the treatment.

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