Porcelain Veneer

Porcelain veneer is a dental practice used for teeth that need to be restored for various reasons. This procedure can be performed for many reasons, but it is mostly an aesthetic procedure. Although porcelain stands out as an aesthetic option, it is not preferred for dental crowns that require durability.

Porcelain veneerteeth have a very similar appearance to the original teeth. The aesthetic appearance of the material, similar to the tooth structure, and its light reflectivity make these procedures look very natural. These coatings can be used for a long time if necessary maintenance and cleaning are taken into consideration. It is frequently preferred especially in aesthetic dentistry applications.

Porcelain Veneer Teeth

These coatings are a dental coating material and application preferred mostly for aesthetic concerns. Porcelain’s aesthetic appearance, similar to natural teeth, makes it frequently preferred, especially for front tooth restorations.

So how are teeth veneered with porcelain material?

The process proceeds similarly to other coating applications. First of all, the patient is examined and his needs and expectations are determined.

  • A suitable amount of tooth tissue is abraded for restoration.
  • The size of the worn tooth is taken and sent to the laboratory.
  • When the porcelain tooth is ready, it is bonded to the area with special materials.

These teeth, like natural teeth, require regular care and cleaning. Regular dentist checks are also an important factor that will ensure long-term use of teeth.

Porcelain dental coating is also divided into different types. Is porcelain dental veneer good? Porcelain teeth, applied with the right choices and by an experienced physician, produce very good results in terms of usage and aesthetics.

Porcelain Crown (Veneer): It is used when a large part of the tooth is damaged or an aesthetic improvement is required.

Porcelain Inlay/Onlay: It is used as an alternative to dental fillings. Ideal for large fillings.

Porcelain Laminate Veneer (Lamina): It is used to correct color, shape or slight position irregularities, especially in the front teeth.

Porselen Kaplama
Porselen Kaplama

How Long Does Porcelain Dental Veneer Last?

Porcelain teeth can be used for a long time depending on the person’s use and application quality. In this context, the question “How long is the lifespan of porcelain teeth” can be answered as follows;

If oral hygiene is paid attention to, porcelains carefully made by the dentist can be used for more than ten years. These teeth should not be brought into contact with hard foods, and situations that would cause trauma should be avoided. Because porcelain material may be prone to breakage. The fact that the underlying tooth has been abraded correctly, measurement taking and other processes have been completed appropriately are also decisive in terms of the permanence of the application.

The main advantages of porcelain dental veneers are;

  • Aesthetics,
  • Durability,
  • Tissue compatibility.

In addition, the disadvantages of these fillings are that they are more expensive than amalgam fillings, are more sensitive than other fillings, and require tooth abrasion.

The difference between porcelain and zirconium is as follows; Zirconium coatings are more durable and can be applied to all teeth. Porcelain is mostly used for front teeth due to its low durability. Apart from this, porcelain dental veneers are more affordable in terms of cost.

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