E-max Veneer

E-max veneer, is one of the frequently preferred ones, especially among aesthetic dentistry applications. In this application, a high quality material made of lithium disilicate glass ceramic is used. E-max procedures are one of the restorations that best mimic the appearance and experience of natural teeth because they are durable and transparent.

E-max veneer is possible to create aesthetic and durable dental coatings. Less tooth abrasion is required for this coating. This allows the preservation of natural tooth tissue. e-max, which has a very high biocompatibility level, is safe in terms of the risk of allergic reactions.

What is E-max Crowns?

What is E-max tooth? As an aesthetic and durable coating option, it is one of the most frequently preferred procedures of recent times. Although it is more frequently preferred for front teeth with high aesthetic expectations, it is suitable for all teeth. This coating can be used to treat broken teeth and eliminate crooked teeth in the front area. E-MAX can also be performed for teeth that have become yellow after procedures such as root canal treatment and for various reasons.

The main advantages of dental crowns made with this material will be;

Aesthetic Compatibility: Highly aesthetic results are achieved thanks to the natural tooth-like transparency of lithium disilicate glass ceramic.

High Durability: E-max has a higher strength than many dental ceramics. This makes it more resistant to breaking or cracking.

Tooth Protection:The tooth may need to be less abraded when applying E-max dental veneer. Thus, it is possible to preserve more of the original structure of the tooth.

Biocompatibility: Since E-max veneers are produced from biocompatible materials, they are compatible with gums and oral tissue and the risk of allergic reactions is low.

What is the lifespan of E-max teeth? When applied correctly and well cared for, these coatings can be used healthily for more than 10 years. This coating material has a very wide color gamut. It is possible to emerge teeth that are fully compatible with natural teeth.

E-max Kaplama
E-max Kaplama

What are the differences between E-max and Zirconium Veneers?

The question “Zirconium or E-Max?” is frequently asked by those who want to have dental crowns, as they are two common applications today. These two applications are done with similar methods and a similar application. However, physician examination and opinion are of great importance for the selection of procedures.

E-max requires less abrasion than zirconium coating. However, it may be more costly than zirconium. It is difficult to give a clear answer to this question, as both materials have their own advantages. E-max is generally a more suitable option for those looking for a more natural aesthetics on the front teeth. However, when hiding darker teeth or metal fillings or when very high strength is needed, zirconium may be a better option.

E-max coating is a very successful coating type in terms of price performance. However, since it is a new technology, it costs more than other coating types.

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