Clear Aligner Treatment in Ankara

Clear Aligner Treatment in Ankara

Clear aligner treatment in Ankara is an orthodontic method used to align teeth. This method, also known as Invisalign treatment, is preferred by individuals, both young and adult, who have aesthetic concerns. Unlike metal brackets and wires, these trays are difficult to notice by others.

Clear aligner treatment in Ankara is experience a comfortable process. The transparent trays, custom-designed for the user’s dental and jaw structure, do not cause irritation. Being removable during eating and brushing allows for a comfortable eating and hygiene routine.

The advantages of Invisalign treatment can be listed as follows:

  • They are not noticeable by others due to their transparent structure.
  • They do not cause irritation in the mouth due to the materials used.
  • They can be removed while eating and brushing.
  • The treatment duration is shorter compared to traditional methods.
  • They can be replaced with new trays based on the progress of the treatment.
Clear Aligner Treatment in Ankara

Transparent Tray Ankara

Invisalign treatment involves correcting teeth using specially designed transparent trays. This treatment should be applied by an orthodontic specialist dentist. The treatment process can vary from person to person. Factors such as the patient’s mouth and dental structure, age, lifestyle, and the recommendations of the dentist should be considered when creating a treatment plan.

The Invisalign treatment consists of several steps. The process begins with an examination and planning. At this stage, it is determined whether the patient is suitable for transparent tray treatment. Dental X-rays are taken, and the details of the treatment are clarified through examination. Then, the patient’s mouth and dental measurements are taken, and custom-designed transparent trays are produced. The dentist explains in detail how to use the trays.

It is crucial for the trays to be used as instructed by the dentist. Transparent trays should be worn for at least 20-22 hours per day. Speech difficulties may be experienced in the initial stages, but this will improve over time. Regular check-ups during the treatment should not be neglected. The progress of the treatment is evaluated during these check-ups, and a transition to new trays is made.

Balgat Clear Aligners

Balgat is a neighborhood where access to private clinics and dentists is easy. Various doctors specialized in the field of orthodontics in Ankara conduct many studies here. The clear aligner (Invisalign) application is a procedure that allows the patient to achieve teeth alignment without the need for braces. A personalized treatment plan aims to provide the patient with properly aligned teeth by the end of about a year.

Clear aligners are custom-made for the patient, preventing aesthetic issues during the teeth straightening process. Today, especially people who do not want their social life to be negatively affected during this period, or those whose orthodontic problems are not severe, prefer this method.

You can receive expert service in this field with Specialist Orthodontist Hande Özçelebi at the Libredent Clinic. People looking for an orthodontist in Ankara Balgat and Ankara Cevizlidere can also visit this clinic for clear aligner treatment.

Various clinics and dentists working in this field are available for the application of clear aligners in Öveçler. Similar clinic addresses are also available for those nearby in Çukurambar and Balgat. Those who want to make their teeth look more aesthetic and beautiful without using dental braces can easily choose among clinics in this area.

Clear Aligner Treatment in Ankara

How Many Hours Should Transparent Dental Tray Be Worn Daily?

The transparent dental tray should be worn for at least 20-22 hours per day. It is recommended to remove the trays only while eating and brushing. This duration is important for the success of the treatment. The continuous presence of the tray on the teeth allows the constant application of the force required to align the teeth. If the dental trays are not used properly, the treatment process may be prolonged, and the expected results may not be achieved.

Does Transparent Dental Tray Cause Bad Breath?

When attention is paid to oral hygiene, transparent trays do not cause bad breath. To prevent bacterial formation, the trays should be cleaned before and after each use. Regularly brushing the teeth and using dental floss can also prevent bad breath. Removing the trays before meals and rinsing the mouth with water after each meal is also essential for maintaining oral hygiene.

Transparent Tray Treatment Cost

Orthodontic treatment fees vary from person to person. Factors such as the patient’s mouth and jaw structure, treatment duration, and the expertise of the dentist are among the factors that determine treatment fees. The cost of transparent trays is also one of the factors that determine the total treatment fee. Transparent trays are custom-designed for each patient, so a precise cost cannot be determined.

Libredent is a specialized dental clinic where many treatments in this field are performed. It provides services in Ankara, specifically in Cevizlidere, Öveçler, and Çukurambar. Dr. Hande Özçelebi is an orthodontist at Libredent. To obtain detailed information about treatments and to schedule an appointment, you can contact our clinic.