Night Aligner

Night Aligner

Night aligner is a dental appliance used to solve the problem of teeth grinding while sleeping. This plate prevents damage to the teeth. These aligners are specially designed by dentists and are custom-made for the patient. Properly designed and correctly used aligners provide many benefits to the patient.

Night aligner protect the teeth and help prevent jaw pain and damage to the teeth. It also improves the patient’s sleep quality. This appliance, which helps to have a comfortable sleep, is recommended by dentists. The use of these plaques is quite simple. They are placed on the teeth before going to bed and can be removed in the morning. These products prevent teeth grinding at night. In this way, damage to the jaw, headache, toothache and even tooth fractures are prevented.

What is a Night Aligner?

Night plates are a dental appliance used to solve the problem of teeth grinding while sleeping. The benefits of night plates include preventing damage to the teeth, reducing jaw pain and providing a more comfortable sleep. However, improper use can cause damage such as irritation of the gums or deformation of the tray over time. Using the product correctly generally provides the following benefits:

Prevents damage to teeth.

Reduces jaw pain.

Maintains the alignment of the teeth.

Prevents serious damage to the teeth.

Thedifference between splint and night plate is that the splint has a wider usage area and offers solutions to jaw joint problems. Does a night plate straighten teeth? No, a night plate does not straighten teeth, it only prevents teeth grinding. It also reduces the risk of deformation and deterioration of the teeth due to pressure.

The use of a night time clear aligner is quite simple. The aligners, which are designed according to the impression taken by the dentist, are inserted before going to bed and removed in the morning. It can have a hard or soft texture according to the patient’s expectations and needs. Those made ofhard materials can be more durable and effective. These products are also known as tooth tightening apparatus.

Night Aligner

Reviews of Those Who Use Night Clear Aligners

The comments of those who use night plaque are mostly positive. Many users state that they wake up more comfortable in the morning thanks to the teeth grinding apparatus. The benefits of night plates include tooth protection, reduced jaw pain and a healthy sleep. Users say that these benefits have significantly improved their quality of life.

The use of splint, which is also seen as an alternative to the night plate, is one of the things that people who grind their teeth are curious about. Splint is a more comprehensive product than a teeth clenching apparatus. It is actively used in the treatment of jaw joint disorders. It is not a treatment applied directly and only for the problem of clenching teeth.

People who suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding) state that the night plate solves this problem to a great extent and improves their sleep quality. Problems such as headache, fatigue, cracking and flattening on the tooth surface caused by this problem can also be solved with aligners. In this way, more serious problems such as tooth decay and fracture are prevented and dentistry costs are reduced. In addition, a better sleep of patients can provide positive improvements in their social and business lives.

Night Time Aligners Prices

The prices of night plates vary depending on various factors. These factors include the quality of the material used, the experience of the dentist and the type of health institution where the treatment is applied. Especially treatments performed in public hospitals can be more cost-effective than private clinics. However, the fact that the procedure is completed in a long time in public hospitals is one of the reasons why private hospitals are preferred.

Some price determining factors in the application can be listed as follows:

Treatments accompanying the use of braces,

Presence of any jaw joint problem in the patient,

The use of aligners also for tooth alignment,

Patient expectations and material quality, etc.

Night Aligner

If aligners removal is done as recommended by the dentist, it can be used for a long time. The prices of this product can be considered affordable due to the long-term benefits of its use.

This treatment method is very useful for protecting the teeth and relieving the jaw joint. In conclusion, it is advisable to consult with the dentist to get clear information about the prices of night trays.

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