Periodontology is a field of dentistry that deals with gum and surrounding tissue diseases. Specializing in gum diseases, gum inflammations, gum recession, jawbone loss, and implant treatments, this field covers the processes of diagnosis, treatment, and surgical interventions.

Periodontology aims to preserve the health of the gums and surrounding tissues and to treat existing problems. Additionally, fitting prosthetic teeth using implants in cases of tooth loss falls under the expertise of this field. Seeking a dentist specialized in periodontology is more beneficial in cases of tooth loss and gum problems.


What Is Periodontology?

It is a dental specialization that examines issues occurring in tissues supporting teeth, including structures connecting teeth to the jawbone, alveolar bone surrounding tooth roots, and periodontal ligaments consisting of connective tissue fibers. A dentist specialized in this field is called a periodontist or periodontologist.

What Does Periodontology Mean?

Derived from the Greek word “periodonti” (around the tooth), this term encompasses structures surrounding teeth and maintaining dental health. To become a periodontist, one needs four years of dental education followed by an additional three years of specialized training. Periodontists specialize in gum diseases, gum inflammation, gum recession, scaling and root planing of gum pockets, gum surgery, jawbone surgery, and dental implants.

Periodontologist Balgat

Balgat is a district that hosts various clinics working in the field of periodontology. Periodontology is a branch of dentistry concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum diseases. Specialists in this field are called periodontologists.

Periodontologists are specialized in the early diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases. Treatment methods include professional teeth cleaning, cleaning of periodontal pockets, removal of infected tissues, and, if necessary, surgical interventions for tissue regeneration.

Periodontal diseases are issues such as gum inflammation (gingivitis) and more serious problems leading to bone and gum loss, like periodontitis. Periodontology services in Çukurambar, such as those offered by the Libredent Clinic, are available.

These problems are quite common in society. Therefore, individuals living in the area may look for periodontological disease treatment in Cevizlidere, periodontology clinics in Öveçler, and similar services. Dr. Periodontologist Çağrı Özçelebi is a dentist authorized to perform many procedures in this field.

The prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases not only protect oral health but can also have positive effects on general health. Research indicates that periodontal diseases may be linked to heart disease, diabetes, and other systemic health issues. Therefore, periodontology in Ankara play a significant role in protecting general health and well-being beyond just oral health.

What Are Periodontal Diseases?

Inflammation of the gums caused by plaque buildup on teeth. It occurs when oral hygiene is neglected, manifesting as redness, swelling, bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity, and bad breath. Factors like tobacco use, hormonal changes, and diabetes can trigger gingivitis.

If gingivitis is untreated, it can progress to periodontitis. This is an intense, inflammatory disease involving gum recession and jawbone loss, causing serious damage to the supporting tissues. It is a result of bacterial plaque buildup, and factors like tobacco use, stress, genetics, systemic diseases, and poor oral hygiene can contribute to periodontitis.

Deep spaces formed between teeth and gums due to gum recession. These pockets can lead to bacterial accumulation and infection, contributing to serious periodontal diseases. Factors such as gum inflammation, gum recession, bruxism, and inadequate oral care increase the risk of gum pockets. Regular dental cleanings and emphasis on oral hygiene help maintain gum health.

Surgical interventions involving gum corrections and cleaning pockets formed between teeth and gums. These procedures aim to remove existing infections and prevent potential infections. Such surgical interventions typically include treatments for periodontal diseases, aesthetic improvements, and dental implant cases.

In cases of tooth loss, an artificial tooth root is implanted into the jawbone, followed by attaching a prosthetic tooth. This procedure, performed under local anesthesia, treats tooth loss and prevents jawbone loss. Dental implants restore both functionality and aesthetics.

Occurs after a failed implant, leading to infection in the surrounding tissues. If left untreated, peri-implantitis can result in jawbone loss. Symptoms of a failed implant include redness, swelling, bleeding, severe pain, and a foul odor. Neglecting dental implant care, inadequate infection cleaning, systemic diseases, and tobacco product use can trigger peri-implantitis. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial in this condition.

The reduction in volume and density of the jawbone, which can lead to tooth-supporting tissue loss and tooth loss. Insufficient bone can also affect the success of dental implants and prosthetic treatments. Causes include accidents, trauma, extraction of all teeth, gum diseases, dental prostheses, and bridges.

Rare and severe conditions where gums and surrounding tissues undergo significant damage, leading to necrosis (tissue death). These diseases are usually associated with bacterial infections and can rapidly progress. Immediate initiation of antibiotic treatment and gum therapy is necessary.

What Does Periodontology Do?

Deals with the diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases. Aims to maintain the normal function of teeth, prevent tooth loss, and prevent gum diseases. Preserving oral health, sustaining gum health, early diagnosis of periodontal diseases, and effective treatment are among the goals of periodontologists.


Periodontology Prices

There is no fixed pricing for the treatment of periodontal diseases. Treatment fees can vary depending on the patient’s condition, the expertise of the dentist, additional treatments, and the clinic’s location.

The Turkish Dental Association publishes an annual fee schedule for dental treatment. These fees reflect averages, and each clinic may have a different pricing policy. As per the 2024 periodontology fees:

ProcedureExcluding VAT PriceIncluding 10% VAT Price
Detartrage (Scaling - Single Jaw)1.545,45 ₺1.700,00 ₺
Subgingival Curettage (Single Tooth))877,27 ₺965,00 ₺
Subgingival Medication Application118,18 ₺130,00 ₺
Gingivoplasty (Single Tooth)1.468,18 ₺1.615,00 ₺
Gingivectomy (Single Tooth)1.645,45 ₺1.810,00 ₺
Flap Operation (Including Subgingival Curettage - Single Tooth)2.463,64 ₺2.710,00 ₺
Tunnel Operation (Single Tooth)2.050,00 ₺2.255,00 ₺
Hemisection (Root Amputation - Excluding Canal Treatment)1.954,55 ₺2.150,00 ₺
Free Gingival Graft (Single Tooth)1.977,27 ₺2.175,00 ₺
Pedicle Soft Tissue Graft (Coronal Sliding, Lateral Sliding, Single Tooth)2.027,27 ₺2.230,00 ₺
Periodontal Splint (Permanent)3.331,82 ₺3.665,00 ₺
Periodontal Splint (Temporary)4.990,91 ₺5.490,00 ₺
Periodontal Plate (Splint - Temporary - Half Jaw)1.695,45 ₺1.865,00 ₺
Biomaterial Application (Single Tooth - Excluding Flap Op. and Biomaterial Fee)531,82 ₺585,00 ₺
Membrane Application (Single Tooth - Excluding Flap Op. and Membrane Fee)531,82 ₺585,00 ₺
Vestibular Plate (Gum Prosthesis - Per Jaw)4.345,45 ₺4.780,00 ₺
Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft3.009,09 ₺3.310,00 ₺
Frenectomy - Frenotomy3.154,55 ₺3.470,00 ₺
Peri-Implantitis (Surgical) (Excluding Biomaterial and Membrane Fee) (Single Implant)3.309,09 ₺3.640,00 ₺
Peri-Implantitis (Non-Surgical) (Single Implant)1.386,36 ₺1.525,00 ₺
Papilla Formation (Surgical) (Single Papilla)1.663,64 ₺1.830,00 ₺
Papilla Formation (Non-Surgical) (Single Papilla)1.013,64 ₺1.115,00 ₺
Fiberotomy1.018,18 ₺1.120,00 ₺

These prices are indicative and subject to variability based on individual cases. Libredent is a private dental clinic serving in Ankara Cevizlidere, Öveçler, and Çukurambar. Dr. Çağrı Özçelebi is a specialized dentist in periodontology. For more detailed information on treatments and prices or to schedule an appointment, please contact our clinic.