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Dental Crown Prices

Dental crown prices are set for procedures in this field. Dental crowns are applied to the visible surface of the teeth. Generally, dental crowning is a procedure applied for aesthetic or restorative purposes. This process can be performed to improve the color, shape, or structure of the teeth.

There are several factors that influence dental crown pricing. These include the type of material used, the dentist’s expertise, and price differences based on the condition and location of the tooth to be treated. Additionally, the material used and the process also significantly impact the price. Detailed examinations by the dentist and the patient’s expectations facilitate clearer pricing. Furthermore, prices can fluctuate due to various situations and over the years.

Dental Crown Prices 2023

There can be fluctuations in dental crown prices over the years due to various reasons. In 2023, these fluctuations have also been seen in dental crown prices. The main reasons for this can be exchange rate fluctuations and inflation. Besides, different types of dental crowns can also cause fundamental price differences. There are types of dental crowns such as zirconium, porcelain, and laminated crowns. The 2023 prices for these types of dental crowns are also a matter of great interest. The choice of dental crown type applied depends on the person’s wishes and means.

The base prices of different types of dental crowns are determined by the Turkish Dental Association. The prices set can vary within the year. Product quality is the most fundamental criterion in pricing. Various quality products are available in the market. Prices for dental crowns in state hospitals can also vary depending on the type of crown applied.

Types of Dental Crowns

The dental crowning procedure is usually preferred for aesthetic improvements or to correct dental damages. However, which type of dental crown to use is determined based on the dentist’s examination and the patient’s needs and dental condition. Once these determinations are made, the procedure begins. The duration of the treatment can vary depending on the type of procedure and other variables.

Zirconium Crown

Zirconium dental crowning is known for its durability. Zirconium crowns have many advantages and are highly preferred due to their similarity to the natural tooth color. These long-lasting materials are made from ceramics and offer an aesthetic appearance due to their resemblance to natural tooth color. Another feature of zirconium crowns is that they are biocompatible. Zirconium materials, compatible with the gums, do not cause allergic reactions in the mouth.

Porcelain Crown

Porcelain dental crowns are primarily applied for aesthetic purposes. Their similarity to the natural tooth color makes porcelain crowns more preferred. Due to their thin designs, they have high light transmittance. Moreover, porcelain dental crowns are made from highly durable materials and meet all expectations in daily use. During the application process, first, the dimensions of the teeth are taken and temporary crowns are fitted. Then, after the production of porcelain dental crowns, they are permanently placed on the person.

Diş Kaplama Fiyatları
  • Laminated CrownLaminated dental crowning is used to correct color defects, stains, cracks, shape deformities, and gaps in the teeth. It can also be chosen to improve the length and form of the teeth. Laminates are attached as a thin layer to the front surface of the teeth. Laminated dental crowns contain carefully selected materials in terms of color, form, and light transmittance to enhance the natural appearance of the teeth. Thus, patients usually achieve a whiter, more uniform, and attractive smile.

How Long Does a Dental Crown Take?

The duration of dental crowning can vary depending on the chosen dental crown material and the number of teeth it will be applied to. If the chosen type of crown is porcelain, it can take approximately 4 to 7 days on average. The production time for zirconium crowning may be longer. These durations are average estimates for the preparation of the material and placement of the crown. Treatment durations can also vary depending on various situations. The durations become more definite after the examination phase.

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