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Zirconium Teeth

Zirconium teeth is an aesthetic and durable dental crown applied for damaged teeth. These teeth are produced from a material called zirconium oxide. Due to its compatibility, durability, and light reflection capabilities, it offers significant aesthetic advantages.

Zirconium teeth has numerous advantages over other crown materials, making it widely used in dentistry. Compared to other aesthetic crowns, it is considerably more durable and can be safely used for molars. The risk of allergic reactions and tissue incompatibility with these crowns is very low.

Zirkonyum Diş
Zirkonyum Diş

Zirconium Tooth Price

How much do zirconium teeth cost? Zirconium prices are generally higher than those of porcelain teeth and metal-supported crowns. These crowns are made from a more expensive material and do not contain metal. Moreover, the likelihood of problems over long-term use is lower. Since the application is customized for the individual, prices vary accordingly.

One of the common questions for those considering getting crowns is Porcelain or zirconium? The price of a zirconium crown may be slightly higher compared to porcelain teeth and metal-supported crowns. However, considering the advantages and aesthetic results offered, this difference is not significant.

Zirkonyum Diş

One of the significant advantages of zirconium crowns is their reduced sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Compared to metal-supported crowns, zirconium crowns have lower thermal conductivity.

Among the advantages of zirconium crown are aesthetic appearance, longevity, resistance to wear and breakage, and suitability for patients with metal allergies. Additionally, since they are compatible with the gums, they do not cause gum problems and can be cleaned just like natural teeth.

Zirconium Dental Crown Prices

Zirconium crowning has become increasingly popular in aesthetic dentistry. It is a smile design application that can mimic the appearance of natural teeth and offers high durability. Zirconium is a white metal. This feature allows it to achieve results very close to the natural appearance of teeth.

Zirkonyum Diş

The price of zirconium crowns varies depending on the number of teeth to be crowned, the location of the clinic where the treatment will be performed, the quality of the material used, and the complexity of the procedure. Generally, zirconium crowns may be more expensive than other types of crowns. However, considering the long life and aesthetic advantages they offer, they are more advantageous for many patients.

The most important factor affecting the price is the purpose of using zirconium because the methods of crowning vary according to their purposes.

The most commonly used zirconium crowning methods are:

  • Single Crowns
  • Bridges
  • On Implant Restorations
  • Laminate Veneers

In conclusion; the number and location of teeth to be treated, the technology used in the production of the crowns, and the experience and reputation of the clinic and dentist performing the treatment are among the factors that determine the prices.

Zirconium Dental Crown

Recent advancements in dental aesthetics have enabled many individuals to achieve an aesthetic smile. Especially zirconium crowns, with their natural appearance and high durability, are noteworthy. Zirconium crowns, which adapt quickly to the natural structure of the tooth, are applied to the tooth surface.

How is a zirconium crown made? To create an aesthetic and functional crown on the teeth, first, an impression of the patient’s mouth is taken. Zirconium blocks are then shaped and produced using computer-aided design and manufacturing technologies according to these measurements.

This process ensures the production of custom crowns that fit perfectly over the teeth. Then, the prepared crowns are adhered and fixed onto the teeth. As a result, the patient acquires zirconium crowns.

What is a crown? A dental crown is a method used to repair and protect teeth that are damaged or need to be improved aesthetically.

Zirconium crowns are not only applied for aesthetic purposes but can also be used for color changes in teeth. For example, teeth whitening methods applied to eliminate discoloration may not be sufficient in some cases. Especially in cases of severe discoloration or structural defects, these dental crowns are an ideal option.

Zirconium Teeth

Zirconium Dental Crown Ankara

In Ankara, there are many experienced dentists specializing in their field, offering a variety of options for gum treatments. People with dental problems are researching Ankara zirconium prices. However, prices and treatment options become clear after the dentist’s initial examination.

After examining the damage to the person’s teeth and gums, the doctor determines a customized treatment method and schedule. Therefore, the price can only be clearly determined after this initial examination.

In conclusion, zirconium crowns are a popular treatment option in modern dentistry that offers both aesthetics and functionality, providing a long-lasting and natural appearance. Although the cost is higher than other types of crowns, the advantages they offer result in a more durable solution.

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