Zirkonyum Diş

Zirconium Teeth

Zirconium teeth is a dental crown that meets high aesthetic standards, being both aesthetic and durable. These teeth are made from a material called zirconium oxide. Due to its biocompatibility, durability, and light reflection capabilities, it has many aesthetic advantages.

Zirconium teeth have many advantages compared to other crown materials.This leads to its widespread use in dentistry. It is highly durable compared to other aesthetic crowns, and it can be confidently used even for molars. The risk of allergic reactions and tissue incompatibility with these crowns is very low.

Zirkonyum Diş
Zirkonyum Diş

Depending on the purpose of the procedure, application procedures will vary. The most commonly used zirconium crown methods are;

Single Crowns

These are prosthetics placed over a natural tooth. They are used to provide an aesthetic appearance, repair a broken or worn part of a tooth, or to whiten discolored teeth.


Used to replace one or more missing teeth. They rely on neighboring healthy teeth and carry the artificial tooth in place of the missing one.

Implant Over Restorations

Prosthetics placed on dental implants used to remedy tooth deficiencies. A zirconium-made crown or bridge is placed on top of the implant.


Thin ceramic laminates glued to the front surface of the tooth. They are generally preferred for aesthetic reasons, especially for discolorations or slight misalignments.

Zirkonyum Diş
Zirkonyum Diş

Zirconium Tooth Prices 2022

The steps taken in recent years in dental aesthetics have allowed many people to achieve an aesthetic smile. Especially zirconium tooth crowns stand out with their natural appearance and high durability. However, many are curious about the price changes of zirconium teeth from 2021 to the present. Although prices vary depending on the individual, the clinic, and the dentist, advancing technology positively affects costs.

Zirconium tooth prices are generally set higher than porcelain teeth and metal-backed laminates. This is because these laminates do not contain metal and offer a more aesthetic result. Moreover, there are no problems or issues with their long-term use. Their higher cost is due to being made from a relatively expensive material. However, the procedure can include individualized processes, and prices vary accordingly.

Zirconium laminates applied to the tooth surface conform to the natural structure of the teeth. To create an aesthetic and functional covering on the teeth, a measurement is first taken from the patient’s mouth. Afterward, the production phase starts, and the patient ultimately receives the zirconium laminates.

One of the significant advantages of zirconium laminates is that they reduce sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Their thermal conductivity is lower than metal-backed laminates.

Zirconium crons are often applied for aesthetic purposes. For instance, teeth whitening methods applied to fix teeth color changes may not be sufficient in some cases. Especially in severe discolorations or structural defects, zirconium tooth laminates are an ideal option.

In conclusion, zirconium tooth prices may be slightly higher than porcelain teeth and metal-backed laminates in 2022. However, considering the benefits and aesthetic results offered, this difference can be overlooked. Prices can vary depending on the number of teeth to be treated, the quality of the material used, and the dentist’s experience. Therefore, it would be best to have a consultation with the dentist to discuss all these details before the procedure.