İmplant Nedir?

What is an Implant?

What is an implant? Implants are procedures that provide a long-term solution to problems arising from missing teeth. With the advancement of technology, quite different innovations have emerged in the field of implants. Implants basically consist of two parts and are made of titanium.

What is an implant? Implants are screws that are placed inside the jawbone. These screws are the most effective medical method known to solve aesthetic and functional problems caused by missing teeth. The screws perform the function of tooth roots, allowing prostheses to be placed on them. Implant application has many advantages. Implants that integrate with the jawbone do not damage other teeth and offer a long service life.

What is an Implant, and How is it Done?

The implant application generally consists of several stages, and the duration of these stages can vary depending on the patient’s condition. The patient’s general health condition and the quality of the jawbone are the main factors determining the process. This treatment, applied to people who want to regain dental aesthetics and chewing ability, starts with a detailed examination phase. In this phase, x-rays are taken, and the general condition is evaluated. Based on the evaluations, measurements are taken and bridges are placed. An average healing period of 2-3 months is expected.

Today, implant treatment is a highly preferred application. With this application, patients can regain their chewing functions and dental aesthetics; they can smile confidently and eat comfortably. Even in cases where all teeth are missing, implants that are successfully used offer ideal and comfortable solutions. Dental implants should be applied by expert dentists, and the process should be controlled. Reliable brands and clinics should be chosen in implant selection.

Post-Implant Care Includes:

  • Applying cold to the area where the implant was placed,
  • Avoiding hot and cold foods,
  • Avoiding rinsing to prevent increased bleeding,
  • Taking medications prescribed by the dentist regularly and in the correct doses,
  • Resting.
İmplant Nedir?

Dental Implant Prices

Dental implant prices can vary according to several factors. These include the quality of the implant material used, the complexity of the treatment process, the patient’s bone structure, the number of missing teeth, and other cost-affecting items. As the quality and durability levels of the implant material increase, prices can also rise. The need for additional treatments can also increase costs. The best way to get an exact price is to get an individual assessment and quote from your dentist.

There are many factors that determine the price in implant treatments. The number of implants used is one of the main ones. The number of implants is the most significant factor affecting the price. The number of implants is determined according to the number of missing teeth. After measurements are taken, teeth are extracted. While one implant may be placed for each extracted tooth, in some cases implants can also be placed at intervals. For spaced implants, a detailed analysis and examination process should be managed. In the case of spaced implants, bridge prostheses are used. Thus, the number of implants and the use of bridge prostheses are also determining factors in pricing.

Are Dental Implants Lifelong?

Dental implant treatment is a successful treatment used to remedy tooth deficiencies and provide dental aesthetics. This treatment involves placing a screw-like implant made of titanium into the jawbone in cases where the tooth root is lost. So, are dental implants lifelong? When applied correctly, dental implants can be used for a patient’s lifetime. Titanium implants allow for integration with the jawbone and form a durable bond due to being biologically compatible.

However, several factors must be considered for long-term implant use. Factors affecting the lifespan of dental implants include the patient’s general health, dental hygiene, gum condition, and whether the implant is properly placed. Good oral hygiene maintains the health of the tissues around the implant and can help the implant integrate successfully.

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İmplant Nedir?