Porcelain Filling

Porcelain Filling

Porcelain filling is a type of filling used in dentistry to repair decayed or damaged teeth. It is used to repair tooth decay or to treat fractures in the teeth. It is an aesthetic and durable filling type. Since its color and texture are very similar to natural teeth, it is especially preferred for front teeth.

Porcelain filling provides repairs without disturbing the natural appearance of the tooth. Most of the time, it offers a better color harmony and aesthetic result than other filling materials. Another advantage is that they are long-lasting and durable. Since these fillings are made of high-strength material, they are highly resistant to wear and breakage. They also tend to cause fewer allergic reactions than metal fillers and leave no metallic aftertaste.

In addition, since porcelain material is stain-resistant, discoloration remains minimal even in long-term use. With these features, it helps protect dental health by offering both a functional and aesthetic solution.

Porcelain Filling Price

Porcelain is a type of filling preferred to provide an aesthetic appearance, especially when used on the front teeth. Porcelain provides a very similar appearance to the natural tooth color and is also known for its stain-resistant properties. These fillings can match the color of the tooth and preserve the aesthetic integrity of the tooth. They are mostly used in filling types such as inlays and onlays and are ideal for covering damaged parts of the tooth. These fillings are specially prepared for the patient’s tooth in the laboratory and bonded to the tooth.

The lifespan can usually range from 10-15 years under conditions of correct application and good oral care. Since these fillings are made of high-strength ceramic material, they offer long-term performance in terms of durability and aesthetics. For this reason, they are often preferred by individuals with various dental problems and high aesthetic expectations.

Is porcelain filling good? When asked, it is possible to say that it is one of the most popular options in aesthetic dentistry. It stands out with its compatibility with natural tooth color and its stain-resistant feature. At the same time, these fillings, also known as ceramic fillings, are also suitable for the back teeth exposed to chewing force and can protect the teeth for many years thanks to the high durability of the ceramic material.

Porcelain Filling

Porcelain Filling Prices 2024

Prices may vary depending on the quality of the material used, the experience of the dentist performing the treatment and the geographical location. Factors that determine prices include the type of material used, the extent of the filling, the experience of the dentist performing the treatment and the geographical location of the clinic. For example, aesthetic dental treatments usually cost more. This is because aesthetic appearance is of great importance in these treatments and requires high-quality materials.

They offer high durability and are ideal for long-term use. For this reason, they are often preferred by people who want the filling to last a long time. They are usually more expensive than other types of filling, but the aesthetic appearance and longevity they provide can justify the cost.

For 2024, it would be best to contact your local dentist or get quotes from dental clinics in your area to get up-to-date and accurate information about filling prices. Generally, porcelains are more expensive than composite fillings because they offer a more aesthetic and durable result. However, costs can vary with incentives offered by health insurance or local health services. The dentist will be able to offer the best treatment and cost estimate to suit your situation and needs.

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