İmplant Diş

Dental Implant

Dental implant is a procedure involving an artificial tooth root made to replace teeth that are missing due to various reasons. Typically, a tooth root made of titanium is placed into the tooth void and then suitably capped. Through this procedure, it’s possible to create an artificial tooth that replicates the function and durability of natural teeth.

Dental implant has become very common and popular. Their long-lasting and durable nature, and their ability to prevent potential bone loss, are among the reasons for this. Furthermore, in this procedure, the neighboring teeth are unharmed, and the outcome in terms of appearance and function closely resembles natural teeth.

İmplant Diş

Given that the procedure involves steps such as assessment, planning, and surgical intervention, it takes place over several sessions. After the procedure is completed, a specific period is waited for the implant to settle into the jawbone. Once the integration process with the jawbone is complete, dental crowns made of appropriate materials are made. This ensures that the patient gets teeth and tooth roots that almost look and feel like natural ones.

Implant procedures can vary based on the patient’s overall health, the density of the jawbone tissue, age, etc. Therefore, it’s essential for the procedure details to be personalized, requiring preliminary examinations and checks.

İmplant Diş

Implant Dental

Tooth implants applications have gained tremendous popularity in the dental sector in recent years. Especially preferred for replacing missing teeth, this method allows patients with dental problems to regain their smiles with aesthetic and functional results.

Many individuals benefit from these procedures even for a single missing tooth. When compared to other dental methods, implants have numerous advantages. Primarily, implants are a close alternative to the natural tooth root structure. These implants teeth roots made of titanium integrate with local bones and tissues, allowing for many years of use.

Missing teeth can lead not only to aesthetic concerns but also functional issues. When a natural tooth root is absent, the jawbone in that region starts to recede over time. Hence, to mitigate risks associated with jawbone and gum problems, implants are a constructive solution.

One of the significant benefits of this treatment is that implants can replace missing teeth without harming adjacent ones. In traditional bridge methods, neighboring teeth are eroded for support, but this is not the case with implant treatments.

Implants consist of artificial tooth roots made of titanium and custom-made artificial teeth. Initially, the tooth root is placed in the jawbone. Once this root settles into the bone, the artificial tooth is mounted.

Generally, the implant dental treatment consists of the following steps:

In the first stage, the titanium implant is surgically placed into the jawbone.

There’s a waiting period for the area to heal and for the implant to integrate with the bone.

Finally, a custom-made artificial tooth is mounted onto the implant.

Generally, anyone with a missing tooth and sufficient jawbone is a candidate for this treatment. However, patients should undergo a thorough examination and assessment before implant treatment. Dentists evaluate the bone density of the region where the implant will be placed, gum health, and overall oral health.

The success of implant treatment is proportional to accurate planning, an experienced dentist, and the patient’s dedication to oral care. A well-executed implant procedure can be used trouble-free for years.

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