Dental Aesthetics

Dental Aesthetics

Dental aesthetics encompasses a variety of dental treatments to improve the appearance of teeth. Thanks to these treatments, the color, size and appearance of the teeth can be improved. Many different applications can be performed for this purpose. Applications such as whitening, veneer treatment, etc. determined according to the needs of the patient can be included in this process.

Dental aesthetics aims to achieve the highest possible level of oral and dental health and aesthetics. These treatments improve oral health by removing distortions, discoloration and other structural problems. For example, porcelain veneers cover aesthetic defects in teeth. Orthodontic treatments ensure that teeth are properly aligned. Thanks to these applications, individuals have healthier and more beautiful teeth.

Dental Aesthetics Prices

Aesthetic tooth prices are among the subjects of curiosity with the widespread application. Cosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of treatment options. The costs of these treatments vary depending on various factors. For example, aesthetic tooth filling prices may vary according to the material used and the technique applied.

Zirconium veneers are popular for their durability and natural appearance. The prices of zirconium veneers, which can be preferred for both back and front teeth, may be higher than other types of veneers. Treatments such as pink aesthetics, also known as gum aesthetics, are among the important investments because they make the teeth and gums look harmonious.

Orthodontic treatment may be required to correct crooked teeth. The cost of this treatment varies depending on factors such as the duration of treatment and the apparatus used. Laminate dental veneers are aesthetic applications made with thin porcelain layers. The prices of this procedure vary according to the number of veneers and the quality of the material used. Composite filling applications offer an economical option with its tooth-colored and easy applicability.

Smile aesthetics is planned individually and various treatments can be applied together. The most important factors that determine the prices are as follows:

  • The quality of the material used,
  • Treatment method applied,
  • The experience of the dentist performing the treatment,
  • City and location of the clinic.
Dental Aesthetics

Gum Aesthetics

Gingival aesthetics is a field of dentistry for those who aim to have a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile. Many medical or aesthetic problems such as receding gums and discoloration may occur. Gingival aesthetic applications are applied for their solution.

Gingival recession can cause the teeth to appear long and cause an aesthetically unpleasant appearance. In the treatment of this condition, methods such as gum grafting are used. Gum cutting is applied in cases where the gums are excessive. This process makes the teeth look more prominent and aesthetic. Especially before veneer applications, this method is preferred for the gums to be smooth and symmetrical. Ankara dental clinics have many physicians specialized in such aesthetic procedures.

There are also procedures that prevent problems that may impair the health of the gums and ensure the preservation of the results of the application afterwards. One of these, braces treatment, ensures that the teeth are properly aligned. Properly aligned teeth are important for gum health.

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