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Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are specially designed to fit a patient’s dental structure, applying pressure to the teeth to gradually move them to the desired position. Clear aligners are used to correct teeth alignment. This method is particularly preferred among adults who are concerned about their appearance.

Clear aligners use makes the orthodontic treatment process both comfortable and aesthetically satisfying. These aligners, being removable, provide great convenience during eating and teeth cleaning. Patients can remove the aligners while eating or brushing their teeth, avoiding the accumulation of food or cleaning difficulties associated with traditional braces. Clear aligners help maintain the health of teeth and gums, positively supporting the patient’s confidence and social interactions during treatment. Therefore, clear aligners are a frequently chosen treatment method by both adolescents and adults.

Şeffaf Plak

Clear Aligner Treatment

Clear aligner treatment is an innovative method used in the correction of teeth misalignment. “What are clear aligners used for?” – This modern treatment method offers a more aesthetic solution compared to traditional dental aligners, slowly moving the teeth to the desired position. Clear dental aligners provide a less visible alternative to dental braces, especially for adult patients, making them feel more comfortable in their social and professional lives.

Clear aligners used in orthodontic tooth treatment improve the patient’s oral health while beautifying their teeth. Many problems caused by teeth misalignment can be eliminated with this treatment. The aligner treatment is carried out with aligners specially designed for the patient’s oral and dental structure. These aligners are regularly replaced, thus gradually correcting the teeth.

Aligner teeth treatment also greatly facilitates maintaining oral hygiene, as these aligners are removable and easy to clean. Dental aligner treatment stands out as a more comfortable and aesthetic alternative compared to traditional methods. This treatment allows patients to go through the teeth straightening process more comfortably and confidently.

Clear Dental Aligners

Şeffaf Plak

Clear dental aligner treatment is considered a significant innovation in the field of modern orthodontics. This treatment method offers a more aesthetic and convenient alternative to traditional dental braces.

This treatment method is often preferred in orthodontic treatment processes. Clear aligners, providing a less noticeable option compared to traditional dental braces, are especially chosen by adults. Orthodontic prices vary depending on the treatment method used and the patient’s needs. This application is more costly than traditional methods, but it is preferred due to its aesthetic and comfort advantages. Like dental brace prices, the cost of clear aligners also varies depending on many factors. Some of these factors include:

The duration of the treatment and the complexity of the teeth straightening process directly affect the cost.

As the number of aligners needed during the treatment increases, the overall cost also increases.

The cost of clear dental aligner treatment can vary depending on the geographical location.

Clear Aligner Prices

Invisalign clear aligner prices may vary compared to other types of clear aligners on the market. Invisalign is a popular choice, especially due to its quality and brand recognition. Invisalign aligner reviews are generally positive, with users expressing high satisfaction in terms of comfort and aesthetics. The decision between dental braces or clear dental aligners depends on the patient’s needs and preferences. If it is desired that the dental treatment is not noticeable from the outside or if the problem is not severe, dental aligners can be preferred.

The overall cost of dental aligner treatment varies depending on the length and complexity of the treatment process. Many people wonder, “How much does 1 clear dental aligner cost in Turkish Lira?” This varies depending on the chosen brand and treatment plan. “How much does a clear aligner cost in 2023?” The answer to this question will vary depending on the market conditions within the year and the duration of the treatment.

Another important factor affecting the price of aligner treatment is the materials used in the orthodontic aligner treatment process. In some cases, the use of clear aligners after dental braces is also preferred to ensure that the teeth remain in the ideal position.

Those wishing to receive this service in the Ankara Balgat, Ankara Öveçler, or Ankara Çukurambar area can consult Libredent Dental Clinic. Specialist Dr. Dt. Hande Özçelebi is an experienced dentist who performs clear aligner treatments and other orthodontic applications. If you want to solve your teeth alignment problems and other orthodontic issues, you can contact us.

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