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Aligner Treatment

Aligner treatment is an orthodontic procedure to straighten teeth. This treatment aims to align the teeth properly and correct the jaw structure. The aligners applied by the orthodontist allow the teeth to slowly move into the desired position.

Aligner treatment reduces aesthetic concerns with invisible aligners. Transparent aligners are especially popular among adults. Oral health improves as the teeth move into the correct position. In addition, the aligners can be easily removed and cleaned. Teeth look healthier and more aesthetic at the end of treatment. The duration of treatment varies according to the individual and requires regular check-ups. In some cases, this application is also used for teeth grinding problem.

Plak Tedavisi

Before and after dental plaque, it reveals visible differences in the treatment process. The most basic of these can be listed as follows:

  • Alignment of Teeth: Dental aligners help align the teeth and give a smooth smile.
  • Improved Oral Health: Dental plaque reduces the risk of gum diseases as the teeth are in the correct position.
  • Aesthetic Appearance: Transparent aligners minimize aesthetic concerns as they are invisible.
  • Comfort and Ease: The aligners can be easily removed and cleaned, providing comfort in daily life.
  • Better Chewing: Correct alignment of the teeth improves chewing function and facilitates digestion.

Clear Aligner Treatment

Dental aligner treatment is a modern orthodontic method to align the teeth and achieve an aesthetic smile. This treatment method can be seen as an alternative to traditional braces. To align the teeth, the method uses transparent teeth straightening aligners, not braces. Invisalign clear aligners provide comfort and aesthetics by fitting almost invisibly to the teeth.

Before and after photos during the treatment process show how effective orthodontic clear aligners are. Invisalign treatment is done with customized aligners. Each set of aligners allows the teeth to slowly move into the correct position. This treatment method is determined according to the needs of the patient and is usually completed between 12-18 months.

The price of aligners varies according to the duration of treatment and the material used. The cost of treatment can be similar to traditional braces and sometimes more. However, considering the aesthetic advantages provided by transparent aligners, it is a more prominent dentistry procedure compared to braces. However, clear aligners may not be the best orthodontic treatment for every tooth and jaw structure. It is best for the process to progress under the control and guidance of the dentist.

Transparent aligners, which are more comfortable and aesthetic than traditional bracket systems, are increasingly preferred today. This method is a suitable treatment option for both adults and teenagers.

Plak Tedavisi

What is Aligner Treatment?

Orthodontic aligner treatment is a method that aims to align the teeth and correct the jaw structure. This treatment is especially performed using transparent aligners and provides correction without disrupting dental aesthetics. Dental aligners are another dental aligner used in the treatment of bruxism. It can be used overnight to prevent the grinding problem.

This process alone can solve the dental problem, but for some patients, braces may be necessary first. In these cases, dental plaque can be used to protect the effects of braces. The use of aligners after braces helps the teeth to maintain their new position.

During the treatment process, it is recommended that patients use a special dental aligner container to store their aligners. Orthodontic specialists plan and implement this treatment method individually. Dentists provide information about how long the aligner treatment will last and what kind of process will be followed.

Dental aligner treatment, which is more aesthetic and comfortable than braces, does not affect patients’ daily lives. The procedure can also be applied in the public hospital for people who meet certain conditions. In addition, private clinics are often preferred for the procedure due to problems such as waiting for a long appointment. Dental aligner treatment provides both functional and aesthetic benefits and is increasingly preferred.

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