What is Orthodontics?

What is Orthodontics?

What is orthodontics? Various dental treatments carried out to solve the problem of misalignment in teeth are classified as orthodontic procedures. Through these procedures, numerous conditions such as underbite or overbite, and teeth alignment issues can be treated.

What is orthodontics? This is a question of interest to those who are directed to this field for dental problems. In orthodontic treatments, brackets or clear dental aligners are used to solve many issues related to teeth and jaw alignment. Additionally, some other products may accompany these procedures. Every patient’s condition and needs are different. Hence, the details of the process vary accordingly.

Orthodontic treatments are carried out using various methods specifically determined for patients of different ages and conditions. For example, removable appliances, often preferred in childhood, facilitate the proper development of the jaw. Metal bracket treatments are mostly used to solve teeth alignment problems and can be chosen at any age. Furthermore, the earlier this procedure is chosen, the easier it is to complete it healthily. For older patients, those who do not want to use metal brackets, and those with relatively mild alignment problems, invisalign (clear aligner) applications are frequently chosen.

What is Orthodontic Treatment?

Treatments applied by orthodontist dentists are a branch of dentistry aimed at correcting and organizing the teeth and jaw structure. These procedures are generally used to correct or improve the following conditions:

Misaligned Teeth

Crooked, crowded teeth or incorrect alignment issues can cause aesthetic and functional problems. Orthodontic treatment ensures that teeth are aligned correctly.

Gaps or Open Bites Between Teeth

Excessive gaps or open bites between teeth are corrected with orthodontic treatment.

What is Orthodontics?
What is Orthodontics?

Malocclusion (Incorrect Closure of Teeth)

Situations where the upper and lower teeth close inconsistently can lead to chewing and speaking problems. These issues are corrected with orthodontic treatment.

Good Teeth and Jaw Harmony

Good teeth and jaw harmony can help prevent jaw pain, headaches, and other oral health problems.

In addition to all these, orthodontics can be used for purposes such as upper jaw expansion. These applications allow the teeth to be used in a healthy and aesthetic manner.

Orthodontic treatment is usually carried out using fixed or removable appliances. Fixed appliances consist of brackets and wire treatments glued to the teeth, gradually bringing them to the correct position. Removable appliances are plates or appliances that can be inserted and removed inside the mouth for teeth correction.

Who is orthodontic treatment for? This treatment is applied to individuals who are in the conditions requiring it. It is preferable to start orthodontic treatment during childhood and adolescence, as the jaw and teeth are still developing during this period. However, adults can also receive orthodontic treatment. Each individual’s condition is different, so they should be evaluated by a dentist or orthodontist, and a treatment plan should be determined specifically for them.

Are orthodontics and jaw surgery the same? The answer to this question is “no.” Orthodontics and jaw surgery are two different specialties in the field of dentistry, and each deals with different types of treatments and procedures.

Orthodontics is concerned with correcting teeth and improving jaw alignment. This branch offers treatments designed specifically to align teeth properly, correct bite issues, and improve overall oral health.

Jaw surgery deals with more complex situations affecting the bone structure of the face and jaw. This branch includes the treatment of congenital abnormalities, damage resulting from trauma, tumors, and jaw joint problems.

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